Utility Partners

Low-cost, high-capacity utilities keep business operations running powerfully and efficiently in Albany-Dougherty, where reliable infrastructure, premier providers and a pro-business, pro-consumer outlook all together result in affordable rates that facilitate higher productivity.

Water & Gas: Albany Utilities

gas pipesNow the largest public utility in Georgia, Albany Utilities serves nearly 40,000 customers through nearly 400 miles of gas mains and over 500 miles of water lines. Water quality is pristine, sourced from the Floridan aquifer where freshwater can extend as deeply as 2,000 feet, while gas service is reliable and economical, and supported by the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (MGAG).


Electric: The power of choice

electric pylonOne reason business really appreciates electric service here in Albany-Dougherty is the economic power of affordable costs. Another reason is the power of choice: The County is served by three different providers—Albany Utilities, a leading municipal utility; Mitchell EMC, an electric cooperative with nearly century-deep roots in the community; and Georgia Power, a respected investor-owned utility. And with Georgia’s Choice Power program, large-load business customers (900 kW or greater) can choose their provider regardless of where their business sites are located.

  • Albany Utilities: Electricity provided by Albany Utilities is sourced from the renewable and affordable hydropower of Southeastern Power, while service is supported by Electric Cities of Georgia, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a range of critical services to municipal electric providers. Other key affiliations include the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG). Reliable transmission for Albany Utilities’ 37,000 customers is assured through Georgia’s Integrated Transmission System.
  • Mitchell EMC: Electrical cooperatives have a deep and proud history in Georgia, and none prouder than Mitchell EMC, which has been serving Albany-Dougherty since the 1930s. Today, the cooperative serves more than 24,000 residents and businesses in Dougherty, Mitchell, Worth, and Baker, as well as 10 surrounding counties—a service area of over 400 square miles, covered by over 5,500 transmission lines.
  • Georgia Power: The largest subsidiary of the Southern Company (which is the second largest utility in the U.S.), Georgia Power serves more than 2.5 million customers, with a service area that covers nearly all of state’s 159 counties. In addition to superb electric service, the company has been named by Site Selection magazine as one of the nation’s “Top Utilities in Economic Development” for 23 straight years, thanks to its commitment to communities and capital investment.


Telecommunications: Fast, global connections

man working on serversAll Albany-Dougherty industrial sites offer AT&T Georgia’s fiber optic service, with networks ready to accommodate all enterprise bandwidth and speed requirements, while all businesses here have access to advanced data services and communication networks with fiber rings that provide service continuity and outage protection. Albany-Dougherty telecommunications providers also include Albany Utilities, Georgia Power and Mitchell EMC.


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