Starting a Business in Albany-Dougherty

Albany-Dougherty County is a historic community that warmly welcomes new business and new ideas, including yours. The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission (ADEDC), the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, and our governmental partners at the city and county level work collectively to eliminate red tape, streamline processes, and keep costs low for new businesses. This collaboration among public and private partners is only one way we help new and existing businesses succeed.

Enterprises of all kinds can start up strong and grow here, supported by a low cost of business and a low cost of living combined with a high quality of life. And in Albany-Dougherty, business operations benefit from superb connections, whether through fiber optics that allow fast, global communication, or multimodal transportation networks that connect to domestic and global markets, or powerful local business networking that yields greater synergy and opportunity. Other key advantages include:

  • Fast-track setup: Consolidated planning and zoning, along with an expedited permit process, allow businesses to save time and eliminate hassles.
  • Agile workforce: Put together your team from a labor base conditioned for global competition. Depending on the size and nature of your enterprise, and the number of jobs it creates, financial incentives may also be available.
  • Vibrant hub location: As the commercial hub of Southwest Georgia and a popular visitor destination with a robust, diverse economy, Albany-Dougherty is the place to be, offering a higher profile, more contacts and greater opportunity.
  • Life-long learning: While two respected institutions of higher learning support workforce development, they also offer convenient tools and resources to improve your knowledge base.
  • HubZones: Another boost for small business is the HUBZones program (Historically, Under-utilized Business Zones). This program, administered by the Small Business Administration, awards federal contracts to qualifying small businesses.


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