Expanding a Business in Albany-Dougherty

Because the growth and success of existing business is a high priority for Albany-Dougherty County, the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission (ADEDC) and community partners work together to provide essential connections, information and assistance that includes:

Networking: ADEDC works with area businesses, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations to develop partnerships and to support local businesses with educational and networking events, and more. We help you stay in the loop and in the know—locally, nationally and globally.

Assistance with workforce expansion and upskilling: Whether adding one production line or expanding to a whole new facility, growing a business means growing your team. The ADEDC works continually to refine and align educational programming through extensive collaborative partnerships, including Albany State University, Albany Technical College, the 4C College and Career Academy, and the Dougherty County School System. For qualified projects Georgia’s Quick Start program can also provide custom training at no cost. Need more workers? Need new skills? The ADEDC can help.

Assistance with incentives: For both new and existing business, creating new jobs can be rewarding, and qualified expansion projects may be eligible for incentives, including Georgia Job Tax credits and DC Opportunity Zone credits. Let the ADEDC assist you.

Streamlined permitting: Albany-Dougherty sets the stage for growth with consolidated planning and zoning, and adds ease and speed to expansion projects with an expedited permit process. We want your expansion to move rapidly.

Site Selection: Let the ADEDC assist you in finding a space or site that accommodates all your needs, whether that means expanding your footprint in your current facility or locating in a new site or building.


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