• We Are Albany

    This is the story of who we are and why we call Albany, Georgia, our home.

  • Made In Albany

    A a glimpse into the manufacturing magic that happens every day in Albany, Georgia.

  • My Albany Rocks

    We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t believe it. We will really rock your world.

  • Exemplary Industry

    Taking pride in one’s work is part of the job description at Lawson Industries. Just ask Joe.

  • Tapping the Artesian City

    Beer is 97 percent water. And in Albany, we have plenty of both. Albany-Dougherty County sits atop the Floridan Aquifer, one of the world’s most prolific sources of fresh groundwater.

  • Global Readiness

    It may be smaller than some, but Marine Corps Logistics Base-Albany packs quite the punch when it comes to meeting the warfighters’ needs.


Latest News

  • 08.11.15 - Albany ThermaCare faces global market

    ThermaCare makes wraps at speeds of up to 320 per minute. The Albany factory, the only place where the brand is made, churns out more than 50 million per year. » Read More

  • 07.22.15 - Exports keep Albany factories thriving

    “Aside from being relevant to the consumer, industries need to be innovative, efficient and profitable, and from Albany, they can be. Low overall costs of doing business, partnered with a talent pool from which to draw and the infrastructure to move product, allows Albany industries to compete with their corporate peers and with other industries." » Read More

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Albany is Awesome

Albany-Dougherty County is the sort of place where sugar and honey aren’t merely staples of cooking, but also part of the unique vernacular that makes this Southern city all the more charming. But don’t get us wrong – we’re a pretty face with business savvy.
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