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Excellence in Innovation: Lawson Industries

September 27, 2011 > Posted in News, News & Events, Uncategorized

Lawson Industries is the type of success story that entrepreneurs dream about becoming and people love to hear about. What started out of a garage in 1999 by brothers Michael and Jason Lawson has become an award-winning industry.

“We didn’t have a vision of this being what it is today,” said Michael Lawson, president and CEO of Lawson Industries.

Lawson Industries, which designs custom parts as well manufactures products for other inventors, is always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. Its approach to building a new catalytic converter won the company the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s Global Media Award for new engineered products.

Created as a single piece instead of the more traditional two pieces, Lawson’s QwikCat Spun Catalytic Converter features a high-flowing ceramic core and an innovative wash-coat for efficient emissions reduction. The QwikCat is available at major auto shops and will soon be available on

Lawson Industries is housed in a out of a 40,000-square-foot facility at Parkway Industrial Park. The facility is an incubator building owned by the city of Albany, which Lawson leases at a favorable rate.

“The city worked with us and now we are able to put people to work,” said Michael Lawson, whose business employs 18 people. “We have really grown because of the low overhead through the city.”

Lawson Industries utilizes the incentives available to the business, including the state’s job tax credit for new hires and a revolving loan through the city of Albany’s Department of Community and Economic Development.

The company ships its products same-day from Albany.

“You can get a part from us quicker than you can get a part from a distributor in your own community,” he said of the delivery advantages of being in Albany, which he said has “better freight discounts.”

Lawson Industries began branding its products two years ago.