Albany is Awesome

Albany-Dougherty County is the sort of place where sugar and honey aren’t merely staples of cooking, but also part of the unique vernacular that makes this Southern city all the more charming. But don’t get us wrong – we’re a pretty face with business savvy.

What was established in 1856 as a center of cotton trade – and been utilized as such by the native Lower Creek Indians for centuries prior – has grown into a regional commercial, educational and cultural hub with a diverse economy that includes tourism, manufacturing, health care and defense and logistics as well as corporate and professional services.

Fiber-connectivity throughout means you can do business from the four corners of our community to the four corners of the world. Four-lane highways and Georgia’s second-largest cargo airport get people and goods from point A to point B conveniently and efficiently. Many who visit tend to linger. We invite you to do the same.

Watch the “We are Albany” video to get a taste of who we are and why so many choose for Albany to be their home.