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ADEDC honors existing industries

April 13, 2016 > Posted in Industry, News, News & Events

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April 13, 2016


Albany-Dougherty EDC honors existing industries with annual awards


Albany-Dougherty Industry Award Winners 2016Albany, Ga. – The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission today honored existing industries Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Mars Chocolate North America, and Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany for their global exports, innovative business practices, economic impact and corporate giving, respectively, at its 2016 ADEDC Industry Awards.

“From creating jobs and making long-term investments to enhancing quality of life through volunteer service, our industries are the foundation of our local economy and our community,” said Justin Strickland, president of the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission, which leads the initiatives that help local businesses grow and expand. “We are proud to work with and on behalf of Albany-Dougherty County’s existing industries, and to recognize their excellence.”

The ADEDC Industry Awards are the highlight of Albany-Dougherty Industry Celebration Week, during which the ADEDC celebrates and promotes the impact of the community’s existing industries, which range from sectors including manufacturing, distribution, call centers and health care.


 Global Commerce Award: Pfizer

Introduction to new markets, improved efficiencies and increasing demand for homeopathic treatment options have facilitated a 20 percent growth in global exports for Pfizer’s ThermaCare since 2013. ThermaCare, a heat wrap madeonly in Albany and distributed globally from Albany via the Port of Savannah, is especially popular in Europe. In 2015, the Albany plant produced 66.71 million heat wraps; of those, 54.2 percent were exported.

“In the European market, a lot of consumers don’t want to take medication. There, taking a heat wrap to address pain is preferred,” said Tawana Reels, site leader at Pfizer Albany.

So popular is the European market that a new ThermaCare wrap, made exclusively in Albany, will launch in Germany this fall. Also this year, the wraps will enter the Taiwanese and South African markets. ThermaCare is already in South America and the Middle East.


Economic Impact Award: Mars Chocolate North America

In 2015, Mars Chocolate North America launched a new brand – the first by Mars in about 30 years – called goodnessknows. Mars could have made the investment at any of its 30 locations around the globe, and it chose Albany. Goodnessknows, a granola product made with nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate, is made only in Albany and distributed nationally.

“To actually have a brand-new brand, it says our plant is managing the products that it has well and it speaks to the fact that we have a lot of knowledge in making a granola product,” said Mack Phillips, site director at the Albany plant.

Mars invested more than $10 million in the new line and created 20 new jobs. The product, Phillips said, is the top seller in its category at Target stores, and is doing quite well nationally.

Six television commercials, national print ads and other media showcase the product.

“When you’re sitting around with the family and you hear the laughter, it’s pretty fun to see people enjoying our commercials,” Phillips said.

Mars has been manufacturing food products in Albany for 52 years.


  Excellence in Innovation Award: Procter & Gamble

Recently, traffic news was on high alert about two giant contraptions making their way from the Port of Savannah to Albany. While taking a very conventional form of transportation along our state routes, the equipment was destined for a cutting-edge future as part of the $250 million biomass boiler being constructed at Albany’s Procter & Gamble.

Corporately, Procter & Gamble’s goal is to operate on 30 percent renewable energy by 2030. The company is at 7 percent. When the Albany boiler is functional next summer, 14 percent of P&G operations will be powered by renewable energy.

“This is the biggest project for the company as a whole,” said Werhner Washington, plant manager at P&G, who noted that the project provides a certain amount of security for the local plant and its employees.

Locally, the new boiler, which will produce steam, will increase Albany P&G’s renewable energy usage to nearly 70 percent. The plant also has water conservation initiatives. Its next-generation manufacturing lines – the most of these located at any of the plants – produce significantly more paper products than the traditional lines.

“P&G is about innovation. Not just product innovation, but all innovation,” Washington said.


Only One Albany Award for Corporate Community Citizenship: Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Community, country and Corps. These are the three Cs of the United State Marine Corps; Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany is dedicated to all. Locally, its commitment to community cannot be questioned. From Mentors in Action to its stellar presence at the Snickers Marathon to its Independence Day Festival and the Buddy Fishing Tournament, MCLB Albany makes every effort to be a critical component of the fabric of life in Albany and Southwest Georgia. Base leadership and personnel go out into the community to serve and they also invite the community inside its gates.

“No matter where our bases are located, we want to be connected and joined at the hip with our communities,” said Col. James C. Carroll, commanding officer of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Marines, Sailors and civilian Marines log hundreds of hours annually giving back to the community.




The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission is a public-private partnership whose mission is to foster new investment and job creation through the recruitment, retention and expansion of industry for Albany-Dougherty County.