Higher Education

Albany-Dougherty County offers education opportunities at every level, from technical program certificates to graduate degrees. More than 15,000 students are enrolled in the community’s institutions of higher learning.

Albany State University

Albany State University is a four-year liberal arts school offering bachelor’s, Master’s and education specialist degrees to its more than 4,000 enrolled students. University has strong theater and arts programs, a nationally-recognized football team and one of the largest alumni celebration weekends around.

Albany Technical College

Albany Technical College has more than 5,000 enrolled students, many of whom take advantage of the wide range of online offerings and 34 areas of study. Albany Tech offers personalized training programs to fit individual industries needs.

Darton State College

Darton State College in Albany boasts strong allied health, arts and online learning programs, a growing international student population, 11 nationally-recognized athletic programs, more than 30 campus organizations and new dorm facilities. The college offers four-year degrees in allied health. Enrollment at the college is about 6,000.

Troy University

Alabama-based Troy University offers a range of studies, both online and in the classroom, through its Albany campus. Troy University in Albany maintains the educational excellence of Troy campuses worldwide.

Dougherty County School System

The Dougherty County School System prepares nearly 16,000 students for the working world through its educational curriculum, magnet programs and advanced Centers of Excellence. The school system operates 26 schools, offers gifted studies as well as special-needs education and makes an after-school program available to students through the eighth grade.

Elementary Schools

  • Alice Coachman: 401
  • International Studies Magnet: 473
  • Jackson Heights: 521
  • Lake Park Magnet: 469
  • Lamar Reese Magnet: 626
  • Lincoln Magnet: 772
  • Live Oak: 497
  • Magnolia: 482
  • Northside: 447
  • Radium Springs: 468
  • Sherwood Acres: 692
  • Sylvester Road: 480
  • Turner: 442
  • West Town: 486

Middle Schools

  • Albany Early College: 180
  • Albany Middle: 542
  • Dougherty International Education: 564
  • Merry Acres: 767
  • Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet: 588
  • Radium Springs Magnet School of the Arts: 717
  • Southside: 526

High Schools

  • Albany High School: 786
  • Dougherty Comprehensive HS: 905
  • Monroe Comprehensive HS: 1,177
  • Westover Comprehensive HS: 1,249

Albany Private Schools

Albany offers students and parents a variety of educational options through its private schools, which include a fully-accredited college preparatory, Montessori and religiously-affiliated institutions.