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We Are Albany

November 11, 2013 > Posted in Gallery

This is the story of who we are and why we call Albany, Georgia, our home. This is the story of Albany, Georgia, a mid-size city in south Georgia, shot over a day and a half with the new iPhone 5s. This is the story of who we are and why we call Albany our home.. Learn more about this growing industry at

Made In Albany

April 22, 2012 > Posted in Gallery

A a glimpse into the manufacturing magic that happens every day in Albany, Georgia.

My Albany Rocks

September 20, 2011 > Posted in Gallery

We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t believe it. From a marathon and riverfront trails to the symphony and colleges, Albany-Dougherty County really will rock your world. The city offers young professionals leadership and development opportunities that can be hard to come by in larger communities.  Learn more about why My Albany Rocks.

Exemplary Industry

August 26, 2011 > Posted in Gallery

Taking pride in one’s work is part of the job description at Lawson Industries. Just ask Joe. Lawson is a small manufacturer in Albany-Dougherty County. What started out as two brothers working out of a garage has become an award-winning, innovative operation known for its craftsmanship, quality and integrity. Lawson is the EDC’s 2011 Industry of the Year Award winner for Excellence in Innovation. The company earned the SEMA global media award for its one-piece QwikCat Catalytic Convertor. Learn more about this growing industry at

Tapping the Artesian City

August 26, 2011 > Posted in Gallery

Beer is 97 percent water. And in Albany, we have plenty of both. Albany-Dougherty County sits atop the Floridan Aquifer, one of the world’s most prolific sources of fresh groundwater. That ample water supply is one of the main reasons that MillerCoors located a brewery here more than 30 years ago. MillerCoors made in Albany is exported all throughout the Southeast and Puerto Rico. The Albany brewery turns out a variety of MillerCoors labels, including Miller Lite, Miller High Life and Coors Light. MillerCoors is one of Albany-Dougherty County’s strongest corporate citizens, earning the EDC’s 2011 Good Life City Award for corporate community citizenship. Nothing says “we have plentiful water” quite as well as The Artesian City – a tagline Albany adopted back in the 1800s – or “we make beer.” Yeah, life is good here.