A river runs through Albany … and beneath it. The city sits atop the Floridan Aquifer, one of the world’s most prolific sources of fresh groundwater. It’s no wonder industries including Procter & Gamble and MillerCoors set up shop here more than 30 years ago. But our ample water supply isn’t all we have going for us. Albany-Dougherty County’s well-thought out infrastructure – from electric, gas and sewer lines to fiber optics rings and telecommunications network – helps set it apart. And to boot, the Albany Metro area has the lowest utilities costs of any metro area in Georgia. Albany-Dougherty County is served by Albany Utilities, Georgia Power and Georgia EMC.

Albany Utilities

Albany Utilities has grown to become the largest public utility in Georgia (which, by the way, is the largest state east of the Mississippi). Serving 39,000 customers and maintaining 99,000 meters, Albany Utilities has over 395 miles of gas mains and 537 miles of water lines. Thirty-two (32) active wells pump crystal clear water from deep underground aquifer systems to customers’ homes and businesses. Access to a pure water supply provided at cost-efficient pricing is the reason several major industries have located operations to Albany.

Albany Utilities serves 37,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers with low-cost electric power and receives an allocation of hydroelectric power through the Southeastern Power Administration and the remaining demand is supplied by Electric Cities of Georgia through Georgia’s Integrated Transmission System.

City Services Charts


The telecommunications infrastructure in Albany-Dougherty County provides the full array of products and services that AT&T Georgia has to offer. This includes all data and broadband services. The Albany wire center is on an even par with any city in Georgia and boasts a telecommunications and data network equal to any in the nation. A variety of fiber-fed facilities provide applications to customers in a variety of disciplines including small, medium and large business, education, manufacturing and distribution, service industries, medicine and health care.

Telecommunications Infrastructure

AT&T Georgia continues to grow its investment in its network in Albany-Dougherty County. AT&T Georgia is continually upgrading its network to insure that the latest technological capabilities are available to meet the evolving needs of both residents and businesses.

One hundred percent of Albany businesses have access to advanced data services from AT&T Georgia, including such as Frame Relay; Native Mode LAN Interconnection/MetroEthernet; pptical services up to and including Dense Wave Data Multiplexing (DWDM). DS1, 2 and 3 services are available to all Albany-Dougherty County customers.

Albany has several diverse fiber rings capable of handling any type of service needed. Diverse fiber rings provide service continuity to customers in the event of a fiber cable being cut or a natural disaster. AT&T Georgia is continually upgrading its network to the diverse ring configuration.

Industrial parks in the area are served by fiber optic facilities. Current and prospective customers in the industrial parks can easily be accommodated with all available services, including speeds from DS3 to OC-12 levels. Any new locations considered for future industrial sites/parks can and will be served by fiber optic facilities, if required. AT&T Georgia partners with companies like Cisco, IBM and EDS to provide leading edge voice, data and networking solutions to our customers. AT&T Georgia has many industry certifications including being SunTone Certified.