Cost of Doing Business

When it comes to doing business, Georgia ranks right up there. In fact, we’re No. 4 overall for competitiveness in the United States. The Albany Metropolitan Statistical Area ranks first in Georgia for lowest cost of utilities, and, among small metros, the Albany area ranks fifth for cost of doing business. An ISO rating of two allows businesses in Albany-Dougherty County to save significantly on their insurance costs.

Georgia Quick Facts

  • No. 1 in the U.S. for entrepreneurship
  • No. 4 best state in United States in which to do business
  • No. 8 in United States for best state for business, careers and regulatory environment
  • One of 13 states with AAA credit rating
  • Awarded 2011 Silver Shovel Award by Area Development magazine
  • Seventh-fastest growing state

Albany-Dougherty County Quick Facts

  • Broad and diverse business base
  • Home to world-class companies
  • Albany airport No. 2 in state by volume for cargo
  • Attractive incentives for new and existing industries
  • Business Fast Track program for expedited business timeline
  • Named “Center of Excellence for Logistics” in 2010 by Business Expansion magazine
  • ISO fire rating of two (on 10-point scale), allowing for significantly lower insurance costs for businesses
  • No. 3 in state for cost of doing business (2008)

Albany MSA Quick Facts

  • No. 1 in Georgia for lowest cost of utilities
  • No. 5 among small metros in Georgia for cost of doing business
  • Cost of living 18.5 percent lower than national average
  • Eighth-largest MSA in Georgia