Logistics & Distribution

There’s a reason that Coats & Clark located its North American distribution hub in Albany-Dougherty County – convenient access to ports, interstates and major markets, and low rates. Albany is also home to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport – the state’s second largest cargo airport by landed weight. In fact, it’s from a facility aboard this airport that UPS delivers packages to parts of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Did we mention that we’re also home to Headquarters Marine Corps Logistics Command? What can we say, we’re proud.

Area Logistics Companies Include:

  • Coats & Clark, North American Distribution Hub
  • UPS
  • Headquarters Marine Corps Logistics Command
  • SouthernAg Carriers
  • Georgia & Florida Railway
  • Norfolk-Southern
  • AddTran Logistics

Quick Facts: Logistics and Distribution

  • 243 logistics businesses in community
  • Average logistics employment of 3,823
  • Metro population of 164,000
  • Metro area labor force of 77,300
  • Work force with skills set for logistics and distribution
  • Four-lane highways in all directions; quick access to interstates and major trade routes
  • Proximity to Ports of Savannah and Brunswick
  • 30 minutes to inland port
  • Rail access through Norfolk-Southern and Georgia-Florida Railway
  • Tax incentives and business programs
  • Streamlined permitting and regulation