Health Care

Albany-Dougherty County is the heart of activity for Southwest Georgia. And when it comes to heart health, our hospitals and specialists provide the world-class care patients need right at home. Health care services account for an average 8,123 jobs in Albany-Dougherty County, which has 331 health care services businesses. The specialties are nearly innumerable and the technology is second to none (seriously), but we treat more than just patients – we train doctors, too. In Albany you’ll find that the Southwest Georgia Family Residency program, a satellite campus for the Medical College of Georgia (training third- and fourth-year med students) and a partnership with the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy to teach graduate-level pharmacy courses in Albany.

Quick Facts: Health Care

  • 331 health care businesses in community
  • Average health care employment of 8,123
  • Metro population of 164,000
  • Metro area labor force of 77,300
  • Regional health care hub
  • Colleges and university offer graduate, four-year and two-year degrees in health care fields as well as certificate studies
  • Home of Southwest Georgia Family Residency; satellite campus for Medical College of Georgia; teaching graduate course in partnership with University of Georgia School of Pharmacy
  • Tax incentives and business programs
  • Streamlined permitting and regulation