Advanced-Process Manufacturing

Albany-Dougherty County has been a manufacturing community since its early days. Today, there are 84 manufacturing businesses employing an average of 3,375 people (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, fourth quarter 2010). Our industries manufacture everything from airplanes and tanks to chemical additives, heat wraps and paper towels – and that’s just a sampling. Due to the rich agricultural industry within Southwest Georgia, Albany’s food processing diversity ranges from snacks and peanut butter to nuts and beer. Some would say that’s a rather nice combination.

Area Advanced-Process Manufacturing Companies Include:

Quick Facts: Advanced-Process Manufacturing

  • 84 manufacturing businesses in community
  • Average manufacturing employment of 3,375
  • Metro population of 164,000
  • Metro area labor force of 77,300
  • Work force with skills set for advanced-process manufacturing and food processing
  • Available industrial facilities and sites to suit variety of manufacturing needs
  • Lowest utility rates in Georgia
  • Streamlined permitting and regulation
  • Tax incentives and business programs