Jay Smith

Chair, Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission

Area Manager, Georgia Power

Bishop John Burr

Bishop John Burr

City Commission Appointee

Bishop, Trinity Temple


Chris Hatcher

Dougherty County Commission Appointee

CEO, Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy

Clinton Johnson

Commissioner, Dougherty County

Roger Marietta

Commissioner, City of Albany

Tammy McCrary

Past Chair, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

Owner/operator, CTSI

Mike McCoy

County Administrator, Dougherty County

 Parker cut

Dr. Anthony Parker

Dougherty County Commission Appointee

President, Albany Technical College


Milan Patel

City Commission Appointee

Founding Principal, Indusa Investments

Perry Revell

Vice Chair, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

Senior Vice President, Bank Execution, AB&T

Sharon Subadan

City Manager, City of Albany

Scott Tomlinson

Chair, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

President, Flint Community Bank